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What Happens When You Detox Your Hair?

When it comes to hair care, women are more than enthusiastic to discuss methods to achieve strong and healthy locks. One of the most recently talked about hair care methods is hair detox and the wonderful benefits it provides. The hair detoxification trend is being enthusiastically shared among women, it has practically sparked interest to everyone. So, what happens when you detox hair?

If you are as interested as everyone else, stay on this page to find more about hair detox!

What is hair detox and what happens when detox hair?

The simplest interpretation of hair detox is that it is a hair care method to clean your hair and scalp from pollutants and toxic chemicals.

It is a hair care method which involves using the best hair detox shampoo or inventive use of accessible home products to exfoliate hair.

It is known to be an excellent method for drawing out toxins and deeply cleansing that layer of hair gunk.

Moreover, it is an essential hair care method, since regular washing is not enough to keep your hair clean.

If you are fond of dyeing your hair, perming, and all kinds of hairstyling, it is necessary that you give your hair a break.

And one way of effectively doing so is through detoxing to unclog scalp pores and clear product build up.

In particular, the more often you dye or bleach your hair, the more necessary it is that you do hair detox.

So if you want to bring back the glory of your hair in a strong and healthy state, hair detox is a necessary and important step.

What Happens When You Detox Your Hair?

How do you detox hair and how often it happens?

With countless women detoxing their hair, it’s impossible not to join the bandwagon seeing testimonies of benefits.

However, it is also important to know more about the proper steps to do it, to nourish your hair back to life.

Knowing how often it should be done is as well important to avoid the method from being counter-effective.

For starters, the detox should be done periodically to avoid irritations.

If you apply hair styling products regularly, it is advisable to do a weekly detox to avoid product build up.

On the other hand, if you suffer from dryness, hair detox should be done twice a week to keep your scalp from drying up.

With all that being said, here are distinct ways on how to do hair detox:

Detoxify your hair with natural ingredients

This method applies to those who want to detox on their own.

If you are wary about using oils or unknown chemicals on your scalp and hair, you can use natural ingredients.

Create your own detox recipe with baking soda, cucumber and lemon, apple cider vinegar, and even green and black tea.

Since this detox method uses natural ingredients, you can easily access it and you will not have to worry about costs.

What Happens When You Detox Your Hair?

However, like all things, these ingredients should be used with proper caution to avoid damaging natural pH balance of your scalp.

Intensive hair detox happens at a hair salon

If you are leading a busy life and you have less time to pamper yourself, you can detox your hair with professionals.

With this method, you can save time and be reassured with the fact that you are working with professionals.

Moreover, the professionals can give you additional tips on how to take care for your hair and avoid damaging it.

Also, they can provide a deeper level of knowledge involving hair and scalp-health knowledge.

However, it will be a less practical method to try on as it may involve spending an enormous amount of money.

Try an oil-based scalp massage

If you are unsure on what ingredients to use, or get worried about the costs of professional hair detox, you can try scalp massage.

A scalp massage eases not only stress and tension, but is also known to promote healthy hair growth.

With this method of hair detox, it can increase circulation amplifying the amount of red blood cells in your scalp.

In doing so, it stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker hair. It also dilates blood vessels to encourage hair growth.

Other ways to take care of your hair

Regular shampooing

Most women mistakenly think that regular hair washing is not recommended, but a clean scalp is the deciding factor of hair health.

Like pores on the face, hair follicles are easily clogged with dirt and sebum, making hair more prone to hair loss.

Therefore, make it a habit to wash your hair regularly but with a shampoo specifically made for your hair type.

Limit your use of the hair dryer

Although hair dryers are handy, especially in styling hair during winter, the high heat from it promotes hair breakage.

If hair drying is a necessity for you, then it is best to use a moisturizer to protect your hair from the effects of high heat.

Properly moisturize your hair

Properly moisturizing your hair is an important step of hair detox.

Take at least 15 minutes a week to massage your hair with chamomile, coconut, or argan oil to moisturize your hair.

A conditioner might work wonders, but hair oils give minerals and vitamins to boost overall hair health.

Saying no to hair color treatments

Treating your hair to a wonderful hair color is probably the most common hairstyle one can have.

However, frequent dyeing of hair may cause your hair to dry up and result in hair breakage.

These effects are caused by hair dye ingredients such as ammonia and peroxide, ingredients that weaken hair up to 60%.

To maintain healthy hair, it is best to limit hair color treatments to a minimum.

Using the right comb/brushes

Using the right comb or brush is also known to be great for taking care of your hair.

Aside from its known use of taming tangles, using a high-quality comb or brush relaxes and massages your scalp.

Make sure to clean your combs and brushes and avoid sharing it with others to avoid transfer of infections.

Healthy eating

A lot has been said, but the best thing you can do in taking care of your hair is to eat right.

Having a healthy diet greatly affects your hair health.

Keeping yourself hydrated and consuming considerable amounts of protein will ensure that your hair grows healthily.

By consuming the right amount of essential nutrients, it contributes to having healthy hair and a healthy overall being.


Knowing a lot of information about hair detox can be overwhelming.

However, the most important thing you remember that the bottom-line of doing these methods is to achieve a healthy hair.

Do what works for you but make sure you have properly read up about the method you are trying.

If necessary, consult your friends or a professional just to ensure that you are doing it right.

Hair detoxing should not be an uncomfortable thing to do, rather an enjoyable one to achieve strong and lustrous locks.